Spilt my coffee

Is there a song about spilling coffee in the center console of the car on the way to work? And the lid to coffee cup was open, cause you figured you be drinking it, but that’s not how you normally do it. And as you accelerated onto the main road, you sped up to catch up with the flow of traffic. And splash.

And your phone was down there, but that’s not normally where you put your phone in the car. It’s supposed to go in the slot under the radio, stupid.

So you just wait 30 minutes, cause the liquid is contained in the recess below the parking brake handle where you put all the coins. So you wait, knowing there’s a pool of coffee swimming with nickels, pennies and quarters down below.

Turnip greens

Balsamic or raspberry balsamic vinaigrette is good sprinkled on. Or just plain butter, salt and pepper. Add onion and garlic to sauté with the greens. There are different recipes, like boiling them, especially if they are larger leaves, and then seasoning after draining.

– Mom

Hey buddy, you take your time. I’ll wait for you.

Took the 5 yr old to first day of camp week at Veritas. For a before school starts activity week for the classes to get to know each other. Oh my. Tears. Not really screaming, but just got a call from the teacher that he finally calmed down and joined the rest of the class. It’s been two hours.

I call it stubborn (gets that from his mother).

Mr Backwards

The boy’s end of school writing project. Written under inspiration of the Mr Men books from his dad’s childhood, it’s about Mr Backward meeting Mr Forward.

The kicker is that he wrote the text backward. To emphasize the story I say, to hide his story from the rest of the class he says. Oh, and he had to read it to the entire class and parents the other day. Flawless.