A Grimm Tale

This was it, I was finally going nuts. the queen had me going around the world to get the names so she could guess the name of the devilish little man who wanted her first born kid.  Frustrated, I turned a corner to see a small figure jumping up and down singing today i bake, tomorrow I brew, next I’ll have the queen’s child and I’m Rumpelstiltskin and no one will know . 

Horrified by this strange man I crouched behind a rock and watched as his shadow danced in the firelight.  He then proceeded to tear at a hog he was roasting and hummed as he ate.  Slowly i began to back away when i got to a safe distance i sat and tried to process what i just saw. 

I had heard the little man say a name right.  I had slipped my mind to write it down  but it was not important.   Catching my breath I began progressing my way home.  The woods where the wolves roam was the fastest way.  But if someone ventured into it they would never be seen again.  So I cut around it to the south through the mountains. 

  Arriving the next day I found the gates were open and unguarded as everyone had gone to the castle to see the turn out of the event and to get a glimpse of the creature who wanted the queen’s child.  Of course being a messenger I was ignored by the throngs of people. 

While squeezing my way through I spotted the queen and king.  Once I pulled my way out I tried to assure myself I would be fine.  because the queen was, how should i say it, crazy.  She would storm through the castle screaming at poor servants who had done nothing.  Then she’d act fine so no one knew how she was going to be that day.

Before I could say a word the door flew open and in strode the little man.  Do you have a guess of what my name is he shouted down the hall.  Try as she might the queen could not guess the name of the man.  Hahaha he crowed as the child was handed over.   Before I give my child over what is your name, the queen said. 

Rumpelstiltskin said gleefully then his laughter died in his throat realizing his mistake he screamed trickery and fled the room.  Before anyone could do anything he was gone.  Now I just hope I don’t have to go track down the queen’s child he took with him. 

 In my opinion it’s better off eating hog, watching Rumpelstiltskin dance, and listening to him sing.                    

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