My Dream

October 28, 2020
My Dream
Swimming through the murk was dangerous, you lose your sense of direction and creatures lurk there too. Sharks prey on lost divers and so does the mysterious leviathan. Yet here I was searching for the most dangerous of sea creatures, the leviathan. This creature was a giant stretching longer than a blue whale. Its maw is big enuf to swallow a ship whole. Its eyes were like lamps that would stare into your soul. It searches for fishes that will satisfy its hunger for blood! Stories say it appears out nowhere eats what it can get in its mouth and then disappears. Finding it was going to be a challenge that would take a while.
Kicking farther into the darkness I descended toward the bottom of the ocean. The darkness wrapped me in a blanket of false security. A giant squid fled at the sight of my head lamp. I forced my way through a cluster of hydrothermal vents which sent a cloud of red hot minerals up past my head.
Giant clams littered the bottom of the sea bed. Suddenly all of the sea life stopped and the water seemed to get colder around me as it filtered past. Shadows danced with the movement of my head lamp. Deep sea fish who feared the light scurred into the darkness.
A cave loomed ahead thinking this was my destination, I steeled my nerves and ventured ahead. Remains would not leave their familiar mark of an animal den under water, as sea currents would whisk them off to the unknown.
Movement halted my progression forward. An eel showed its fangs at me before retreating back to its hole. The leviathan must not have lived here. With no sign of the leviathan I turned back. Then over the radio the captain of the boat started screaming but as suddenly as it started the noise was replaced with static.
As my head broke the surface I saw nothing, my conclusion was that the ship had been attacked by the legendary creature I had been searching for. Then I was shaken awake. You have to get to get up or you’ll miss the bus,my mom was saying. So what did you do? I asked my friend. Well he said nothing that exciting.

Appearance, conclusion, finding, storage, basket, keep your shirt on, down to earth