Giant’s Castle

October 22, 2020
Giant’s Castle
I snuck through the darkness. Breathing heavily I tried not to make a noise that would give my presence away. I could hear the loud crashing that confirmed that I was still being pursued. Running to a window I tried to open it. but the noise of my struggle must have alerted my searcher to my whereabouts, because I suddenly found myself the giant grasp of the being that lived here.
“So, he chuckled, you’re the rat that has been stealing my treasure. I have a punishment fit for you,”he cried as I was thrown into a huge pit. Not knowing what monster that cyclops held in here I scurred to the side to limit the sides I had to keep an eye on.
There was a cold reptilian hiss that sent my heart racing. Surely the cyclops didn’t keep a dragon down here. But my terror was confirmed when out from the shadows slinked the biggest fire breather I had ever seen. Now I was between a rock and a dragon. Watching me with only one cruel eye it prowled back and forth looking for a time to strike. Panicking I began to search with my eyes to see if there was a way out.
Seeing my fear the dragon inched closer. Tring to fend it off I picked up a bone no doubt the remains of its last meal. The one eyed beast came closer to me itching for more food. At the last second I remembered the door in a bottle I had. Hastily I pulled it out of my pocket and threw it at the wall. As I leapt through I felt the heat like an oven washing over my leg from the dragon’s flames.
Slamming the door behind me I realized I was still in the dreaded house of the cyclops. Hurriedly I scanned my surroundings and saw I was under the bureau in the cyclops room. Looking in the familiar spot I saw my exit behind the trap door that led down to the treasure room. Quickly I dashed over and out through the passageway.
Not looking or caring what was around me I charged down and out to where I could continue home. But when I got back I would be a rich man.

Payment, oven, presence, trainer, giant, between a rock and a hard place