A Grimm Tale

This was it, I was finally going nuts. the queen had me going around the world to get the names so she could guess the name of the devilish little man who wanted her first born kid.  Frustrated, I turned a corner to see a small figure jumping up and down singing today i bake, tomorrow I brew, next I’ll have the queen’s child and I’m Rumpelstiltskin and no one will know . 

Horrified by this strange man I crouched behind a rock and watched as his shadow danced in the firelight.  He then proceeded to tear at a hog he was roasting and hummed as he ate.  Slowly i began to back away when i got to a safe distance i sat and tried to process what i just saw. 

I had heard the little man say a name right.  I had slipped my mind to write it down  but it was not important.   Catching my breath I began progressing my way home.  The woods where the wolves roam was the fastest way.  But if someone ventured into it they would never be seen again.  So I cut around it to the south through the mountains. 

  Arriving the next day I found the gates were open and unguarded as everyone had gone to the castle to see the turn out of the event and to get a glimpse of the creature who wanted the queen’s child.  Of course being a messenger I was ignored by the throngs of people. 

While squeezing my way through I spotted the queen and king.  Once I pulled my way out I tried to assure myself I would be fine.  because the queen was, how should i say it, crazy.  She would storm through the castle screaming at poor servants who had done nothing.  Then she’d act fine so no one knew how she was going to be that day.

Before I could say a word the door flew open and in strode the little man.  Do you have a guess of what my name is he shouted down the hall.  Try as she might the queen could not guess the name of the man.  Hahaha he crowed as the child was handed over.   Before I give my child over what is your name, the queen said. 

Rumpelstiltskin said gleefully then his laughter died in his throat realizing his mistake he screamed trickery and fled the room.  Before anyone could do anything he was gone.  Now I just hope I don’t have to go track down the queen’s child he took with him. 

 In my opinion it’s better off eating hog, watching Rumpelstiltskin dance, and listening to him sing.                    

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My Dream

October 28, 2020
My Dream
Swimming through the murk was dangerous, you lose your sense of direction and creatures lurk there too. Sharks prey on lost divers and so does the mysterious leviathan. Yet here I was searching for the most dangerous of sea creatures, the leviathan. This creature was a giant stretching longer than a blue whale. Its maw is big enuf to swallow a ship whole. Its eyes were like lamps that would stare into your soul. It searches for fishes that will satisfy its hunger for blood! Stories say it appears out nowhere eats what it can get in its mouth and then disappears. Finding it was going to be a challenge that would take a while.
Kicking farther into the darkness I descended toward the bottom of the ocean. The darkness wrapped me in a blanket of false security. A giant squid fled at the sight of my head lamp. I forced my way through a cluster of hydrothermal vents which sent a cloud of red hot minerals up past my head.
Giant clams littered the bottom of the sea bed. Suddenly all of the sea life stopped and the water seemed to get colder around me as it filtered past. Shadows danced with the movement of my head lamp. Deep sea fish who feared the light scurred into the darkness.
A cave loomed ahead thinking this was my destination, I steeled my nerves and ventured ahead. Remains would not leave their familiar mark of an animal den under water, as sea currents would whisk them off to the unknown.
Movement halted my progression forward. An eel showed its fangs at me before retreating back to its hole. The leviathan must not have lived here. With no sign of the leviathan I turned back. Then over the radio the captain of the boat started screaming but as suddenly as it started the noise was replaced with static.
As my head broke the surface I saw nothing, my conclusion was that the ship had been attacked by the legendary creature I had been searching for. Then I was shaken awake. You have to get to get up or you’ll miss the bus,my mom was saying. So what did you do? I asked my friend. Well he said nothing that exciting.

Appearance, conclusion, finding, storage, basket, keep your shirt on, down to earth

Giant’s Castle

October 22, 2020
Giant’s Castle
I snuck through the darkness. Breathing heavily I tried not to make a noise that would give my presence away. I could hear the loud crashing that confirmed that I was still being pursued. Running to a window I tried to open it. but the noise of my struggle must have alerted my searcher to my whereabouts, because I suddenly found myself the giant grasp of the being that lived here.
“So, he chuckled, you’re the rat that has been stealing my treasure. I have a punishment fit for you,”he cried as I was thrown into a huge pit. Not knowing what monster that cyclops held in here I scurred to the side to limit the sides I had to keep an eye on.
There was a cold reptilian hiss that sent my heart racing. Surely the cyclops didn’t keep a dragon down here. But my terror was confirmed when out from the shadows slinked the biggest fire breather I had ever seen. Now I was between a rock and a dragon. Watching me with only one cruel eye it prowled back and forth looking for a time to strike. Panicking I began to search with my eyes to see if there was a way out.
Seeing my fear the dragon inched closer. Tring to fend it off I picked up a bone no doubt the remains of its last meal. The one eyed beast came closer to me itching for more food. At the last second I remembered the door in a bottle I had. Hastily I pulled it out of my pocket and threw it at the wall. As I leapt through I felt the heat like an oven washing over my leg from the dragon’s flames.
Slamming the door behind me I realized I was still in the dreaded house of the cyclops. Hurriedly I scanned my surroundings and saw I was under the bureau in the cyclops room. Looking in the familiar spot I saw my exit behind the trap door that led down to the treasure room. Quickly I dashed over and out through the passageway.
Not looking or caring what was around me I charged down and out to where I could continue home. But when I got back I would be a rich man.

Payment, oven, presence, trainer, giant, between a rock and a hard place

The Search

October 21, 2020
The Search

Walking through the forest I kept my eyes peeled. The creature could jump out from anywhere. As I progressed I thought back to what had happened. I had entered the forest to look for mushrooms when the brown animal ran in front of me. Surprised I watched as the creature lumbered past and on through the woods off to some unknown lair. After it had passed I walked over to where it had been to look for foot or paw prints.
Movement off to the side pulled me out of my daze just in time to see a squirrel leap into the distance. Trying to find this animal was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I mean seriously what idiot would put a needle in a haystack it’s just stuipid. I had to assure myself I had seen a real animal because the only thing it could have been was a brown bear but they dont run on their hind legs.
Bubbles of doubt pocketed themselves in my mind as I plowed through the dense woods. The tremendous noise I was making would have scared off any wildlife within a mile. But I now realized that it couldn’t have been a normal animal that had surprised me.
Squirrels chattered at me when I get too close to their nests. The deeper I went into the woods the darker and spookier it was. Quick on the draw I wiped around as a branch snapped, terrifying a poor rabbit. I leaned against a tree trying to get my heart to slow down when I saw it move. The beast plauded in my line of sight moving with quickness that would be impossible for an animal of its size.
Picking up a stick it moved toward me apparently threatened by me being so close to its cave or wherever it slept. Hefting the log it threw it at me with its massive forearms seeing I was not welcome anymore, I decided to leave. Charging through the forest like a frightened rabbit I ran all the way to the road. Then following it I finally made it home. So after my explanation of what happened you now know why I missed dinner.

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The Desert of Life

October 20, 2020
The Desert of Life

Walking, walking. Not going anywhere but still walking. Sand in everything, my shoes, my shirt, my pants everywhere. Mirages taunting my with their visions of splendour. Vultures wheeled in the sky lazily. Circling waiting for me to settle my walking and die. I wanted to scream, go away, or put a sock in it, but my throat was so dry I had to suppress a wave of pain.
Sand and dunes everywhere I look. No encampments just sand as far as the eye can see. No helpful arrow of direction, just sand, wind, and vultures. Watching, waiting for me to give up my fight, my struggle and pass out from lack of my basic needs.
Crawling, inching, moving nowhere but towards fate going only towards what lies ahead. No cacti, or tumbleweeds just sand forever. Rattlesnakes and prairie dogs pocketing the land. Just a fraction of the dangers of the desert.
An earthquake of emotion bubbled inside of me or maybe pain and hunger from the days without food in this horrible desert. Wandering without a guide has a price. You end up getting lost and roaming the desert looking for water, precious water.
Animals are smart, they don’t venture into the desert. ‘Cause they know it’s a death trap for unknowing fools. Vultures prey on these fools who wander in thinking it’s a short cut but then they find out it’s only full of death. I was one of these fools and now I’m forced to crawl through this desert looking for water.

First ending: What is this? A town I’m saved finally I can stop walking in this death trap of a desert.

Second ending: In the twilight zone

Second ending: Rain on your parade, put a sock in it, arrow, basic, settle, suppress, earthquake

A Relaxing Day

October 14, 2020
A Relaxing Day
As I strolled around the deck a sulfurous stinch hit me. It was a stink like no other, so powerful it could kill a fish. I looked out among the forest of masts that filled the surrounding harbor. there was this notion that got a hold of me to go look for the source of the horrible smell
As i listened to see if i could hear anything the silence was broken by a tremendous wail. The noise echoed in my ears. Heart racing, I jumped outside to see where this was coming from. Just as I got to the rail a monster leaped up on the deck. It was an undesirable shade of green that would make you sick to the stomach.
It sprang forward at me trying to grab me to pull me back to the infernal depths of the ocean. I leaped to the side reaching for the harpoon I had for fishing. As my fingers just missed the creature picked up an oil drum and hurled it smashing into my side, pain erupted as my ribs cracked under the pressure. I sank to the deck. The monster seeing I was down took an uncertain step forward as if seeing if I could still fight back.
As luck would have it I had fallen next to the copper basin. To prevent this monstrosity from terrorising others I had to wound it. It inched closer testing me seeing how injured I was. When it was in striking distance I lifted myself up on my elbows. The creature was startled and backed away, but upon observing I was still injured it advanced. Moving with swiftness I should not have had due to my ribs I lifted the basin and threw it with all my might at the creature.
It was a copper blur in the air as it crashed into the monster’s head. Not liking this it dove over the edge of my ship back to where it came from. Exhausted I sank down in a chair. My side still burned with pain but I had diverted a monster and that was okay with me.

Basin, sulfur, notion, listen, prevent, break the ice, give a man a fish

The Chase

October 7, 2020
The Chase

This is it, my life was flashing before my eyes. It was coming and there was nothing I could do. This was my undoing. I was running but not going anywhere .my shoe insert was uncomfortable after running through the rain. I heard it coming that heavy breathing was not mistakable; it knew where I was and was coming to finish me off. Two down one to go I thought.
The subway station came and went. There was little else to think about other than its teeth sinking into my leg as it followed. I kept going. Fast but not fast enuff to get away from that dreadful panting beast.
Trees why were there so many trees. Threading through them took forever. It was there then gone, came and went just like the hated auction. Suddenly I stumbled blindly into a dead end. Rotating I turned to face this horror, its mouth a gaping black cavern it advanced. Struck with fear I pressed my back to the wall, nothing no way out but the way I came in and there it was standing triumphantly as if it had already taken me back to its lair.
All of the sudden there it was a ladder I had not seen before. I reached out just as it unged jaws snapping together on thin air. I raced across the rooftops trying to get away from that horror of horrors that was following me move for move. This was not it i got away it was not following any more but i had to watch out it could still get me.

Senior, insert, auction, subway, rotate, two down one to go, rain on your parade

The Pillagers Surprise

October 1, 2020
The Pillagers Surprise
“Hi, I’m a pillager. What is a pillager you ask. Well we are raiders who attack our cousins, the very peaceful villagers. It takes a lot of planning to execute correctly but we can get the job done.”
“The day my friends birthday started out normal scheming here ,sneaking there, but this day was different because we were going on a raid. This was a regular plan every few weeks. Scare the villagers, get loot, make them use ‘the jaws of life’ to help each other ,then leave and let them build back.”
“My friend was the patrol leader for this raid though. It was his first time being one, we all take turns being patrol leaders and riding the ravagers which are big bull like animals. As we prepared I wanted to give him a special crossbow. The one I had that was enchanted with multi-shot.”
“We were having a great time blasting at villagers and what. Not after we finished looting we went back to base and had delicious looted cake.”

Go for broke, jaws of life, birthday, highway, painting, fix, plan, execute


September 30, 2020

This is the best story in the world because it is all true well most . This is the dirt blocks life story. The dirt block is the most overlooked block in minecraft but this is the excellent story of the block that might change the lives of all soil. The dirt started its day like any other. It sat i n the ground next to hundreds more . He was fine until the ground started rocking back and forth and he was removed from his place, then not being needed anymore he was thrown into a pool of lava. Thus ended the life of the not so great dirt block.

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