Give a man a fish

You know, there’s a time when you realize that you gotta focus. A realization hits like a brick to the face. Telling you, wake up, get moving.

He was there on the edge of loneliness. Everything in front of him. No stress other than the no understanding what to do with what was in front of him.

There is no doubt he was bound for greatness. His skills were perfected. His mind was clear. His body is strong. His past was washed away. The best use of his time was to let it all go and move on. But to where?

Sometimes you gotta forget what everyone was telling you. Go fast. Slow down. Hurry up. Come on man. Just say it. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!! Shut up. Give the man some quiet. Why will this person not listen? Just like everyone else. Always output, never a moment of input. Huuuusssshhhhhh.


There we have it now. Breath deep. A moment of clarity hit him. He looked beside him and said it “I’d like a medium GoGo Basket, fries and the tartar sauce. A cola to drink with no ice, Thank you”. The window rolled back up. Peace and quiet from all the outside noise. The chaos of the outside world was a mess. A few more minutes of time to himself without any pressure to decide and yet again, someone else asking his opinion.

Looking forward to that fish basket. It’s been so long since the warm feeling of fried catfish entered his pallet. Maybe good for the hunger, not so great for the body. But that’ll be ok.

But it was more than that. The food satisfied his hunger, but not his thirst for answers.

Here’s the deal. You can give a man a fish, but you can’t make him eat it. Wait, that’s not right. He sat there in his moment of clarity and decided he now knew what needed to be done. He was going to open his own restaurant. He could serve a better fish than this. And he would teach others how to prepare the flame to perfection. A few simple rules to follow. A recipe, the right flavors and equipment. He was going to do it.

The first step was hard. Cooking out of his house and delivering food to his neighbors. Then on line to those that ordered. Needing enough to afford a mobile kitchen. A name and logo and he was off. Fish From the Basin. From my plate to yours. He could deliver the best tasting culinary anyone has tasted. And they’d be coming back for more.

“How may I help you?” He asked. Ok, that’ll be twenty-five dollars. “A number 2 with a spud stack and some liquid quenchers” he yelled to the back. He now had a staff. What a great story about growth. Going from a lackluster experience with a fish sandwich and now his own drive thru. Customers lined up around the corner. Franchises were in his future. Multiple locations. Managers at each place. Workers. Investors. Merchandise. Flamethrowers 😉

“Charlie, it’s time for dinner” he heard a voice. Who was that? Oh wait, snap out of it. “Coming mom”, he yelled back. “One minute”. He put down the shovel and bucket of sand. Jumped up, dusted his pants and ran toward the house. Another successful day.

Oct 14, 2020
Break the ice
Give a man a fish