The Chase

October 7, 2020
The Chase

This is it, my life was flashing before my eyes. It was coming and there was nothing I could do. This was my undoing. I was running but not going anywhere .my shoe insert was uncomfortable after running through the rain. I heard it coming that heavy breathing was not mistakable; it knew where I was and was coming to finish me off. Two down one to go I thought.
The subway station came and went. There was little else to think about other than its teeth sinking into my leg as it followed. I kept going. Fast but not fast enuff to get away from that dreadful panting beast.
Trees why were there so many trees. Threading through them took forever. It was there then gone, came and went just like the hated auction. Suddenly I stumbled blindly into a dead end. Rotating I turned to face this horror, its mouth a gaping black cavern it advanced. Struck with fear I pressed my back to the wall, nothing no way out but the way I came in and there it was standing triumphantly as if it had already taken me back to its lair.
All of the sudden there it was a ladder I had not seen before. I reached out just as it unged jaws snapping together on thin air. I raced across the rooftops trying to get away from that horror of horrors that was following me move for move. This was not it i got away it was not following any more but i had to watch out it could still get me.

Senior, insert, auction, subway, rotate, two down one to go, rain on your parade