The Desert of Life

October 20, 2020
The Desert of Life

Walking, walking. Not going anywhere but still walking. Sand in everything, my shoes, my shirt, my pants everywhere. Mirages taunting my with their visions of splendour. Vultures wheeled in the sky lazily. Circling waiting for me to settle my walking and die. I wanted to scream, go away, or put a sock in it, but my throat was so dry I had to suppress a wave of pain.
Sand and dunes everywhere I look. No encampments just sand as far as the eye can see. No helpful arrow of direction, just sand, wind, and vultures. Watching, waiting for me to give up my fight, my struggle and pass out from lack of my basic needs.
Crawling, inching, moving nowhere but towards fate going only towards what lies ahead. No cacti, or tumbleweeds just sand forever. Rattlesnakes and prairie dogs pocketing the land. Just a fraction of the dangers of the desert.
An earthquake of emotion bubbled inside of me or maybe pain and hunger from the days without food in this horrible desert. Wandering without a guide has a price. You end up getting lost and roaming the desert looking for water, precious water.
Animals are smart, they don’t venture into the desert. ‘Cause they know it’s a death trap for unknowing fools. Vultures prey on these fools who wander in thinking it’s a short cut but then they find out it’s only full of death. I was one of these fools and now I’m forced to crawl through this desert looking for water.

First ending: What is this? A town I’m saved finally I can stop walking in this death trap of a desert.

Second ending: In the twilight zone

Second ending: Rain on your parade, put a sock in it, arrow, basic, settle, suppress, earthquake