The Pillagers Surprise

October 1, 2020
The Pillagers Surprise
“Hi, I’m a pillager. What is a pillager you ask. Well we are raiders who attack our cousins, the very peaceful villagers. It takes a lot of planning to execute correctly but we can get the job done.”
“The day my friends birthday started out normal scheming here ,sneaking there, but this day was different because we were going on a raid. This was a regular plan every few weeks. Scare the villagers, get loot, make them use ‘the jaws of life’ to help each other ,then leave and let them build back.”
“My friend was the patrol leader for this raid though. It was his first time being one, we all take turns being patrol leaders and riding the ravagers which are big bull like animals. As we prepared I wanted to give him a special crossbow. The one I had that was enchanted with multi-shot.”
“We were having a great time blasting at villagers and what. Not after we finished looting we went back to base and had delicious looted cake.”

Go for broke, jaws of life, birthday, highway, painting, fix, plan, execute