a strange resemlance

Had something weird happen last night.

Went to patricks t-ball game last night and as we were pulling in the parking lot sherrill and I noticed an older gentleman standing by the fence watching another game.   He had white shoes on, blue jeans, a dark blue shirt, sunglasses, thin white/gray hair, a baseball cap that had papa written on it.

For a second I got this rush of something through my body.

I’m telling you, if dad was standing next to this guy you would have thought it was him or papaw.

Just had to share that strangeness with you.



shredder It works good. I tried it out on so brush and grass over by the deer.Starts up a lot easier and quieter than the POS shredder I used a coupleweeks ago. Need to adjust the rear wheel, work/clean the PTO connector (it’shard to slip on the pto output shaft), adjust the rear wheel, but for themost part its ready to go.
Not bad for $400.
The bedliner coating is going to help protect it.


Had over 2 inches of rain yesterday and today. Tv in den was not working—had message that dual switch had problem—got it taken care of by phone tech help.

Have to work tomorrow and some next week for girl who is taking 2 weeks leave of absence—cholesterol med gave her pains in upper part of body .
Hope you had some rain and no damages.

I made 7 qts and 3 pts of pickles last nite—finished at 11:55 pm .

Quote—“human beings have the remarkable ability to turn nothing into something. They can turn weeds into gardens and pennies into fortunes.”


mud dauber

.took the Isuzu to auto repair place yesterday morn….just heard back from them..they checked it out overnite and did not find any leaks….should take it back if I see any more leaks…

We had a great time staying at Joanie’s…I slept till 10AM and they were checking on me to see if I was OK…..Nick suggested some furniture rearrangements for her, so we changed up her breakfast area and den furniture….will not move that heavy old fashioned TV again…she wants to get a flat screen to attach on the wall….nice area where she lives, right across the HEB.

When Nick and Terri got home, their AC was not working..they’ll have someone check it tomorrow at 2PM….Then this morning Nick’s suv would not start…just got a new battery last week…..I guess they took my bad luck with them…

All of you boys are very smart and of course so are the girls…had to laugh about the mud-daubber story pertaining to Kev’s blower.
Could have been something coiled up in there instead of mud….

Don’t overdo working, but I know you pace yourself…



I talked to Brian about this…..this morning at 11:15 a man from Copano Field Services  came and talked about running a pipeline thru my property…..all the other people around here who are involved were contacted except me and another person…he said he usually calls by phone but could not find my name in phone book…the land is listed under Augustine and the phone # is under dad’s name….the 30” pipeline would cross Luke Matulas , across my SW corner(by Bernard’s old mailbox ),  toward Rusty’s old house, across Jeff Janak’s, across Bull’s, across Helen’s neighbor where Motals used to live and onward NE…it would be underground 4 feet and after digging and burying the pipe, the property would be put back as before or better….I gave him permission to survey and if it proceeds, someone would contact me w/paperwork…

Work hard

Good questions.    Work hard.  In Sunday’s bulletin, it says Work Happy. “ No matter how you earn a paycheck, give it your very best effort.  That turns a job into a prayer.”  (We should remind ourselves of that whenever the job gets stressful)  Me included.

Work hard and work happy!

Love  MOM


Shot a hog

Was a beautiful day weatherwise today.  Still had a day off, so I did a few gardening things and watered the grapes , peaches and garden plants.

Next 4 days are full working days for me.      Armadillo has been digging in the lawn.

Uncle Ludy trapped a squirrel and shot a wild hog at11:30 last night eating corn under his deer feeder.   His deer feeder is across his tank directly across from his dining room window.   Diane shined the light and he got it with one bullet.   This morn it was still alive and grunting laying on the ground(he shot it in the hindqtrs.    Gave it a final shot this morn)

bye   MOM