Nice brother

The other day the younger boy was not feeling well. While he was at the doctor’s office with Mom, older brother put together a care package for him. The most heartfelt brother thing I’ve seen in a long time.

He built him a big castle out of legos, stacked all the lego/duplo blocks on there and put if on the coffee table. Put his pillow, blanket and favorite stuffed animals on the couch. Queued up his favorite cartoon on NetFlix.

Then I heard the toaster in the kitchen. He’s in there making a bagel with cream cheese, jelly spread and a few olives on the side. (I think the olives were for the older one). Then he poured juice in the shaker and shook a juice drink for him. Then waited.

When they got home, they sat on the couch and the older boy read books to the younger one. Man, I cried.

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