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A Relaxing Day

October 14, 2020
A Relaxing Day
As I strolled around the deck a sulfurous stinch hit me. It was a stink like no other, so powerful it could kill a fish. I looked out among the forest of masts that filled the surrounding harbor. there was this notion that got a hold of me to go look for the source of the horrible smell
As i listened to see if i could hear anything the silence was broken by a tremendous wail. The noise echoed in my ears. Heart racing, I jumped outside to see where this was coming from. Just as I got to the rail a monster leaped up on the deck. It was an undesirable shade of green that would make you sick to the stomach.
It sprang forward at me trying to grab me to pull me back to the infernal depths of the ocean. I leaped to the side reaching for the harpoon I had for fishing. As my fingers just missed the creature picked up an oil drum and hurled it smashing into my side, pain erupted as my ribs cracked under the pressure. I sank to the deck. The monster seeing I was down took an uncertain step forward as if seeing if I could still fight back.
As luck would have it I had fallen next to the copper basin. To prevent this monstrosity from terrorising others I had to wound it. It inched closer testing me seeing how injured I was. When it was in striking distance I lifted myself up on my elbows. The creature was startled and backed away, but upon observing I was still injured it advanced. Moving with swiftness I should not have had due to my ribs I lifted the basin and threw it with all my might at the creature.
It was a copper blur in the air as it crashed into the monster’s head. Not liking this it dove over the edge of my ship back to where it came from. Exhausted I sank down in a chair. My side still burned with pain but I had diverted a monster and that was okay with me.

Basin, sulfur, notion, listen, prevent, break the ice, give a man a fish

The Chase

October 7, 2020
The Chase

This is it, my life was flashing before my eyes. It was coming and there was nothing I could do. This was my undoing. I was running but not going anywhere .my shoe insert was uncomfortable after running through the rain. I heard it coming that heavy breathing was not mistakable; it knew where I was and was coming to finish me off. Two down one to go I thought.
The subway station came and went. There was little else to think about other than its teeth sinking into my leg as it followed. I kept going. Fast but not fast enuff to get away from that dreadful panting beast.
Trees why were there so many trees. Threading through them took forever. It was there then gone, came and went just like the hated auction. Suddenly I stumbled blindly into a dead end. Rotating I turned to face this horror, its mouth a gaping black cavern it advanced. Struck with fear I pressed my back to the wall, nothing no way out but the way I came in and there it was standing triumphantly as if it had already taken me back to its lair.
All of the sudden there it was a ladder I had not seen before. I reached out just as it unged jaws snapping together on thin air. I raced across the rooftops trying to get away from that horror of horrors that was following me move for move. This was not it i got away it was not following any more but i had to watch out it could still get me.

Senior, insert, auction, subway, rotate, two down one to go, rain on your parade

The Pillagers Surprise

October 1, 2020
The Pillagers Surprise
“Hi, I’m a pillager. What is a pillager you ask. Well we are raiders who attack our cousins, the very peaceful villagers. It takes a lot of planning to execute correctly but we can get the job done.”
“The day my friends birthday started out normal scheming here ,sneaking there, but this day was different because we were going on a raid. This was a regular plan every few weeks. Scare the villagers, get loot, make them use ‘the jaws of life’ to help each other ,then leave and let them build back.”
“My friend was the patrol leader for this raid though. It was his first time being one, we all take turns being patrol leaders and riding the ravagers which are big bull like animals. As we prepared I wanted to give him a special crossbow. The one I had that was enchanted with multi-shot.”
“We were having a great time blasting at villagers and what. Not after we finished looting we went back to base and had delicious looted cake.”

Go for broke, jaws of life, birthday, highway, painting, fix, plan, execute


September 30, 2020

This is the best story in the world because it is all true well most . This is the dirt blocks life story. The dirt block is the most overlooked block in minecraft but this is the excellent story of the block that might change the lives of all soil. The dirt started its day like any other. It sat i n the ground next to hundreds more . He was fine until the ground started rocking back and forth and he was removed from his place, then not being needed anymore he was thrown into a pool of lava. Thus ended the life of the not so great dirt block.

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